It all started with just a sketch!


Here is the sketch I was given to show the basic layout of the event at the venue.


I was able to visit the venue, get some measurements & take some pictures.



Once the client decided on the size of the stage, number & size of the tables and a few other basic details I was able to make a scaled floor plan.


I then produced a very basic 3D drawing and added the event colors, a few people & some lighting.



To further enhance the rendering I incorporated some of the pictures that I had taken and added some more lighting. This is an example of a very basic rendering to give a sense of the space, colors and mood of the evening event.



Here is a photo of the actual event.


For another event's concept (and having more time) I was able to further enhance the rendering by "constructing" a more detailed venue. Adding a 2nd floor, arches, trees & shrubs, etc.


Photo of the event.


All photos are the property of Love The Dark Productions